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introduction + rules

Hey, everyone. Thank you for taking interest in my little community. I mainly made this community so I could keep a straight inventory of things I'm selling and what I have and don't have anymore.

In here, you will find anime and manga products... Some things are from Japan, and other things are from America. Many of these items are rare and hard to find nowadays. They are also in mint to near-mint condition... I usually keep all the papers, obis, and whatever comes with an item, as long as it's not a wrapper.

Still interested? Then read on!

Every community has to have rules. :( Sorry!

+ This community is for my things. Other people are not allowed to join or sell their own things. If you want to do that, make your own community, or join garagesalejapan. You are free to comment on entries, of course, to express your desire to buy things.

+ If you do have your own community for selling things and want to be affiliates, I'll do that! Can't have too many affiliates, after all. :D Just get in touch with me.

+ Most of the items I am selling are G to PG-13 rated items. The items that aren't (coughdoujinshicough) will be put under locked posts and will only be available to people who provide a proof of age. I don't want to sell porn to minors. D8 Not that I have a lot. Really.

+ I accept Pay Pal, money orders, or cashier checks. I will NOT accept personal checks or cash. Sorry.

+ I will not... uh... re-stock anything. That should be pretty self-explanatory. But everything I have, it's just one of a kind, and you won't be able to get it if it's gone... unless you want to pay full-price somewhere else to buy it... If you see something you want that's been bought, then I can't help you.

+ Please do NOT ask if I have such-and-such an item. It may take me a while, but I plan to put up everything I want to sell. So please be patient. Check out the tags if you're curious as to what I have.

+ community spammers and trolls will be banned. No questions asked, no warnings issued.

+ Saying that, I want to be fair. If you're not a troll, or anything, and you come in with this attitude and tell me my prices are whack, then you won't get anywhere. Your angry comments will be removed. Really, if you want to flame, go to 4chan. Or rant in your own journal about what a horrible person I am. I don't care. :B I'm here to make profit!

+ Trades? I will consider it! If you want to make a trade, make the offer, but only if it is for something I express an interest in. For now, I will not be expressing things that I want (Because, really, there are a LOT of things I want...), but I may put up things in the future.

My name is Trey. I'm 27 years old, female, and live in the United States. I am also slowly working my way through college and have my sights set on moving out. That being said, I really just can't have all this stuff here. If I had a magical box to keep everything in, I would. But I can't. So I turn things over to you!

Despite selling this stuff, I still adore anime/manga, and still am keeping quite a bit of stuff myself. ^^; So don't think I'm getting rid of everything. Just things I can do without.

Anything else? Well, I love to draw, act, sing, role-play, play video games (if they are RPGs and I get really into the story), and laugh at my own jokes. 8D If you want to know other things, just ask!

Also... I'm very informal. I'll use emoticons on probably all of my posts, won't have a fancy layout, and won't put up items all nice and neat. I mean... who has the time for that? DX

Eh... more stuff to come when I think about it!
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I have bought stuff from Trey and they came in all nice and neat! :o I've had no troubles with my purchases and they arrived at a very nice time and if I had paypal, I'd do business with her again. XB