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Last updated Sept 18 2007

First up are some happy UFO dolls. Everyone likes UFOs! YES.
One Piece - Nami Alabasta version [with tag] - $7.00
One Piece - Sanji mini backpack [no tag] - $5.00
One Piece - Sanji Usopp doll version [with tag] - $8.00
One Piece - Nami Usopp doll version [with tag] - $8.00
One Piece - Sanji + Nami Usopp doll version - $14.00!
PoT - Atobe rival version [with tag] - $8.00
PoT - Mizuki rival version [with tag] - $8.00
PoT - Sengoku rival version [with tag] - $8.00
PoT - Ibu rival version [with tag] - $8.00
MKR - Ascot *RARE* [no tag] - $5.50 SOLD!
Mermaid Melody - Luchia henshin [with tag] - $9.00 SOLD!
Mermaid Melody - Rina henshin [with tag] - $9.00
InuYasha - Miroku mini [no tag] - $2.50 SOLD!
.hack - Grunty [unopened] - $2.00 SOLD!

More figures!
Sailor Moon - Super Sailor Moon $6.00 SOLD!
Sailor Moon - Sailor Mercury $6.00 SOLD!
CCS - Sakura roller skates - $3.00
cute yellow girl O_o; - $5.00

This box has been opened (there's a rip at the top), but everything inside is still there. Large Utena figure + drama CD [played once!] + Utena card + Chuchu + stand - $45.00 ... This is a rare item. I've only seen it once in my life, and that was when I bought it.

Now we're getting into the good stuff. Take a look at these figures. :D! Who doesn't like Digimon? The little ones up front are 50 cents each. The four in back are a dollar each. Gomamon and the digivice came together and they're $1.00 for both, but the Digivice only comes with him 8D;;; ...Culumon is a finger puppet.

Pokémon pwnz everyone. I like Clefairy The Meowth and Dratini in the back are $2.00 each. Meowth and Dratini are SOLD. They're very soft! And the Dratini was from KFC when they were doing a Pokémon promo. It still has the tag. Make an offer for the other things. The lighter Clefairy on the far right is a wind-up, and it walks. 8D! The Togepi on the far left moves its feet if you push down on its head.

Hoo. I'm quite proud of this. Pokémon finger puppets... They came out of one of those boxes... you know, with the chalky candy inside. Fortunately, you don't have to eat the candy. 8D These guys are $1.50 a piece.

Jessie + James SOLD!
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