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cursedslot's Journal

More Crap to Buy!
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selling anime items from Japan

Sup gaize. I'm Trey and... I have a lot of crap. 8D

To be fair, it's not crap. It's a lot of stuff that cost a lot of money and some of the items are pretty hard-to-get. The thing is, I can't keep it anymore. Oh, yes. It's one of those communities.

If you like anime or manga, I suggest looking around. I'll be putting up new entries randomly. I'll also be using the tags so if there's a certain anime or whatever you want to find, I might have it.

The items listed here for sale will only be anime/manga or Japan-related. I won't be selling jewelery or books or anything like that, unless it has to do with something Japan-ish. XD

Help me out! I'm going to be moving soon. D8