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magazine list

Last updated Sept 18 2007

All magazines are $10.00, unless otherwise noted.

Animage - December 2001. Featuring Fruits Basket. There is a Najica Blitz Tactics fold-out inside. full of panty-shots

Animage - July 2003. Lots of Gundam-y stuff. There are cards, posters, and two unopened DVDs inside. $12.00

Animedia - January 2001. Inuyasha-centric. Has an Angelic Layer fold-out.

Animedia - January 2002. Lots more Inuyasha and... Whatever that is on the cover. Sakura Wars? 8D;; Also talks about the Slayers octopus movie! Has a Di Gi Charat fold-out.

Animedia - May 2003. Includes stickers(!!) and some nice inserts.

Animedia - September 2003. Includes a very large poster, with Gundam Seed on one side, and ... something else on the other. ;;

Sakuracon? - I... don't know why anyone'd want this, but I decided to put it up anyway. It's big, and the cover's printed on sturdy paper. There's some information about Japan things inside, as well as any other articles you'd expect from a con magazine.


I also have some small inserts from different magazines. I don't know which ones they go to, so if you buy a magazine and want one of these, you can have it. For free. ^^ First-come, first-serve.

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